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Introduction! of @SecureSect

We are a group of members who love COMPUTER, INTERNET, GADGETS, CARS, BIKES, and Everything that comes from TECHNOLOGY. We all graduated from the same University and pursuing our distinct careers. We all are professionals working in esteemed company's.

When we all start our careers, the first fascinating problem that brokers our dream into the piece is How to Start Hacking? or How to start programming?

That "How" is the biggest obstacle that we all fear, even in our dreams.

We are all here to share our experience and knowledge if you pursue your career as CYBER SECURITY Professional, JAVA Developer/Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, IOS Developer, Competitive programmer/Coder, etc. We will solve the HOW problem and providing Career Road Maps for your respective career.

The Secure Sect is divided into two main sections Academy and Blog.

In the Academy section:

We are sharing all the resources as an online guide from beginner to advanced level that consists of all the possible test cases related to course content needed by the esteemed corporation. After completing these courses you are all ready to give outstanding work in your company and career.

In the Blog section:

We are sharing Career Road Maps, Vulnerability of the week, Bug Bounties, Walkthrough of Vulnerable VMs from HTB, Pentester Academy, TryHack Me, etc.

Please follow us!

We respect your knowledge and ideas. Please feel free to contacts us at, Our team stands ready to make corrections and enhancements.

I am Rohit Panoria, founder of a Secure Sect.

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